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Women’s Wide Calf Boots

Friday, January 9th, 2009

It used to be hard to find women’s wide calf boots, but today there are a lot of styles to pick from.  Online stores offer a wide variety that you could pick from.

The best stores for women’s wide calf boots are and zappos.


Buy women’s wide calf boots at widewidths


Buy women’s wide calf boots at zappos


WideWidths is a specialty store that sells wide boots only. They offer very nice styles that feel comfortable for women with wide calves. Their boots have been custom made for wide calf legs, so they fit well and feel good.


They explain on their site how to measure you leg so you get the best fit.


They also offer gift certificates in case you want to buy boots for someone who is plus-size or an athelete.


WideWidths carry the following brands and more:

Wide Calf Blondo Line

Women’s Naturalizer Boots

Ros Hommerson Wide Widths

Life Stride Fashions

David Tate Wide Widths


Zappos also has a selection of women’s wide calf boots. I like Zappos because they are a well respected store, have been online for a long time, and offer great customer service.


There are many styles of women’s wide calf boots that I want to write about. I think I’ll devote a special post for each type.


Here is what I plan to write about :


Wide calf leather boots

Wide calf hiking boots

Wide calf riding boots

and more.


If you’d like me to cover anything in particular, please post a comment below.


By the way, I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. The holidays took much of my time, but now I’m back and I’d like to write more – before the winter is over!


Wide Calf Boot FAQ

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Today I am posting my wide calf boot FAQ.

Some of the answers were given with the help of – a great specialty store for wide calf boots.

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What is a wide calf boot?

A wide calf boot is a boot that is wider around the calf.  Most boots are around 15″ in circumference. A wide calf boot can  range from 16″ to over 20″

Who needs a wide calf boot?

Plus size men and women who don’t want to feel that their calves are being squeezed by their boots, like to wear a wide calf boot that will give them the roomy comfortable feel they can enjoy.

Why buy my boots online?

Online you will find a huge selection of wide calf boots.  They are often cheaper online too.  Buying your boot online is a good idea especially if you hate shopping for boots and running from store to store until you find what you want.

What circumferene boot?

Take a tape measure and measure around the widest part of your calf.  Online stores will tell you how wide each boot is.  Just make sure you get something that is at least the size of your own calf.

What do the letters M, W, WW, D or EE next to the shoe sizes mean?

That’s the width of the shoe itself, and not the calf.  For example the letter W next to the shoe size, means that the foot is wide, not the calf.

What is a boot shaft?

The shaft is the body of the boot.  A wide calf boot is also called a wide shaft boot.

What if I buy a wide calf boot and it is just a bit too tight when I try them on?

If the boot is just a bit tight, get it stretched at a shoemaker, or wear it with the zipper a bit open until it stretches out a bit.  If it is more than just a bit tight – maybe you should exchange it for something wider.

What should I do if I want to wear my boot with warm socks?

If you want to wear your boot with warm socks, then you should order a 1/2 size larger.  Also get an insole for when you want to wear it with thinner socks.

What are the best wide calf boot stores online?

I recommend the following stores: – a specialty store for wide calf boots – a regular shoe store with some wide calf boots.  They ship free overnight and let you return your boot for free if you are not 100% happy with it – an Amazon store.  They also ship free overnight and let you return your boot for free if you are not 100% happy with it